A National Socialist Source For Greatness


Our purpose is to safeguard the existence of our people.  Struggle through self-sacrifice is necessary in order to secure them the means to exist in a world which increasingly seeks to destroy them through acts of hatred and persecution.  The movement struggles for the sake of our people and a future for our children.  We will secure their existence at the expense of those who hate them through nonviolent means.


Family is the foundation of the State and the Folk, for it is the family which produces life for a people.  From the family comes love, compassion, and community.  From the family comes the Folk, and from the Folk comes a means of living which secures the family’s prosperity and existence.  Without strong families and healthy children, there cannot be a strong and healthy nation.


The Fatherland is the life-giver of the Folk and the family, for it is the soil on which they grow.  Without the nation the Folk could not exist, and without the Folk the family could not exist.  Only through the nation can the people survive and persevere.  All of these components are needed in order to thrive and prosper.  It is through the coming together of these sacred pillars in which we create a Folk-community.



Who are we?

We are a National Socialist organization which seeks to bring its Folk together by means of brotherhood and fraternity.  We do not advocate violence and seek to bring about a new society and a new state through peaceful revolution.


Today we find our Folk under consistent attack from a wide range of opponents which seek to undo them.  The concept of the nation has fallen to the wayside and we see now a world in chaos.  It is for this Folk, which is our race and our nation, that we seek to fight against these powers that be in order to create a better world for our people.

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