Folksfront is the official media source for the Folkish Resistance Movement, a National Socialist political organization based primarily out of North America.  We seek to spread our message not only in North America but throughout the entire English-speaking world. 

Today we find our Folk under consistent attack from a wide range of opponents which seek to undo them.  The concept of the nation has fallen to the wayside and we see now a world in chaos.  It is for this Folk, which is our race and our nation, that we seek to fight against the powers that be in order to create a better world for our people.

We must realize that this struggle cannot be won in just one single nation alone, as this struggle encompasses the entirety of Western Civilization, and as a consequence the existence of the Aryan world. We do not advocate violence and we seek to bring about a new society and a new state through peaceful revolution.

The Folkish Resistance Movement has been created with this realization in mind, as we know this struggle cannot be won in only one nation alone.  We seek to not just win in one nation, but in many. We seek to unite our people into a single front which can bring forth a resistance which has not yet been seen before in our time.

It is only together that we can overcome the forces which we face today, and it is we National Socialists who must once again raise the banner of fanatical resistance which represents our people in this struggle.  Only through this symbol will we be able to triumph over the darkness which threatens our European light, and it is through this symbol that we will achieve victory over those who hate and destroy our people.