Banner Drop in Queen Creek, Arizona

Activists of the Folkish Resistance Movement recently conducted a banner drop in Queen Creek, Arizona. The banner comes in light of recent events, with violent left-wing mobs staging riots across the country, and is meant to signify to the world our position on the matter.

The activists conducted themselves greatly, despite the police presence which appeared on the scene only minutes after the banner was displayed.

The lying press has taken to a false narrative that our activists were arrested for the crime of expressing their beliefs, but this is not true.

The banner activity went well, and the activists were only cited for trespassing after a simple misunderstanding that the bridge did not actually belong to the town, but rather belonged to the local railway company.

The activists made clear that they were there only to express their freedom of speech, and had only wished to relay the organization’s message to the local residents. Everything was kept peaceful and after it was over the activists were free to leave. They concluded the day’s events by having a bite to eat.

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