False Radicals

A false radicalism haunts men’s minds. Being radical and revolutionary only means for them to tear down. Whether and how something can replace what’s torn down was known least of all by those who behaved the most radical. Their radicalism was hate, rage and negation. Wild narrow-mindedness acts like sub-humanity. If it takes control, it foams with “radicalism”. We Hitler soldiers have nothing to do with such radicalism. Nonetheless, we must be radical. Radicalism is good, if it includes affirmation. We do not rant and rage against things that we don’t like and which aren’t appropriate for us. Otherwise we would only rant and rave, but we would not be radical. Getting to the root of the problem, combating it with determination so that bad developments are avoided, to us that means being radical.

Alfred Kotz, Führen und Folgen

     If you have spent enough time in National Socialist circles either online or offline you have no doubt encountered at least one False Radical. These people can most easily be identified by their frequent calls for and praise of senseless violence, skull masks and, most notably, their failure to act on their own “advice”. These types of people are not new or exclusive to our modern era but have in fact been around since before Adolf Hitler fought his heroic struggle against world Jewry. False Radicals justify their own meaningless existence with the excuse that there needs to exist some sort of boogeyman to scare our enemies into accepting some vague “universal truth” though they themselves would be hard pressed to tell you what that truth is. They are not only a nuisance but they are also useful tools for our enemies. Their existence only enables the Jew to paint us true National Socialists as blood thirsty animals.

The best way of dealing with False Radicals is exposing them wherever they are found, calling them out and forcing them back into the shadows where they can wallow among themselves. More importantly one must also make sure that they live as Adolf Hitler commands. In order to truly defeat False Radicals one must first look inward and destroy the falseness within oneself at the root and become a True Radical.

To be a True Radical means to live honourably, simply and, to set an example for others in your work both in private and in public. If we do away with half measures and delays and act as our Eternal Leader requires then the rot of False Radicalism can be torn out. One must remember this truth day after day and recommit themselves to it in order to stand against the Jewish tide. A community of true and loyal individuals carries the materials which will build a new age for our Folk and cast our racial enemies into irrelevance.

“For this people, and for this nation, we have to struggle and fight. And never to languish; and never to weaken; and never to give up; and never to despair. Long live our movement and long live our people.”

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