Seek Adversity

At that time my lot in [Vienna] life seemed to me a harsh one; but to-day I see in it the wise workings of Providence. Adversity had me in its grip and often threatened to smash me; but the will grew stronger as the obstacle increased, and finally the will triumphed.

I am thankful for that period of my life, because it hardened me and enabled me to be hard, and I am even more thankful because I appreciate the fact that I was thus saved from the emptiness of a life of ease and that a mother’s darling was taken from comfortable surroundings and handed over to Adversity as to a new mother.

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (Ch. 1, Vol 1.)

For countless of ages, men have sought new challenges and have in turn grown from overcoming these challenges. It is through adversity that the best of men are formed. Our entire way of life was formed around self-development and sacrifice in the name of our Folk. We did not resent these challenges not at all. We would revel at the chance to test ourselves.

The noble Knight would seek his chance to prove his honor. The King would seek to conquer new lands in his search for glory. The Norseman sought a death that was worthy of the Gods.

All the great stories from history are based upon a man doing great things through bitter struggle, and the ordinary man is forgotten as there is no noteworthy deed to remember him by.

Yet today we find ourselves in an age where everything is based on comfort and immediate self-gratification. We play games, watch movies, go online to watch pornography, and go out into the town and get blind drunk to celebrate the weekend. Instead of smiling into the face of adversity, we cower in fear. We pity our existence and wish for a quick end to this awful state of affairs so we can go back to finding ways to pleasure ourselves. We have become weak and terrified.

But this must end here.

For if we are to truly change this world, to save our Folk and reach a new golden age of mankind, we must lift each other up and stand side by side as we face these terrors of modern day society.

The time for cheap entertainment and self-indulgence is over. We must free ourselves from these mental shackles and seek adversity so that we may light the torch of true National Socialism and return to a glory that was once lost.

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