The March for Dresden

This past Saturday 15th, I had the pleasure of participating at the Dresden remembrance march. It was the 75th anniversary of the terrible war crime committed on the city of Dresden.

The remembrance was done to honor those that died in the firebombing of the city by American and British Air force pilots. The city was chosen not because of any military targets, but simply to instill fear within the German people. The city was the Reich’s backup capital in case Berlin would fall, and was currently harboring real refugees who had fled the communist menace approaching from the east.

Dresden after the bombings took place.

While there was also a memorial march held on Friday the 14th, it was one condemning the actions of the Third Reich, and blaming them for the firebombings which lay waste to the beautiful city.

The march held on Saturday however, was one held by various nationalist groups, who support the Germans as the heroes they are instead of carrying the nonsensical burden of shame with them.

The march was not just meant to remember the lost, but also to show the world that they were not forgotten, and that the spirit of National Socialism is not dead and will never die.

And it was very much alive that day, as over 1.000 people from all over Europe showed up to march and grief together.

On the other side, 2.500 left wing groups, Communists and Antifa had organized to try and disrupt the march. The march itself was marked by crazy leftists shouting offensive slogans (like “Bomber Harris do it again”), blowing whistles, blocking the roads and trying to make as much noise as possible to disrupt the speeches and moments of silence being held to remember the dead.

While they certainly tried hard, the Nationalist spirit held vast and people were unshaken. While the leftists got dragged away by police and put in the back of the vans, not one of the people marching for Dresden was arrested. Quite the contrary, not one response was given all day. Not even a middle finger or offensive sign, only smiles or disapproving stares.

Standing in remembrance of the dead was a powerful moment for me. The constant shouting by left wing scum did not make us feel ashamed but proud. The march left upon me the impression of a youth, waking up to the nationalist spirit once again. From the ashes of the burned down city the spirit will rise like a phoenix, filling others with pride for their race and showing that it is here to stay.

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