The Purity Spiral

It is time today to expose some of this nonsense that has accompanied the National Socialist revolution to the full light of day, to examine it without pity. That is even more necessary, since otherwise some of this nonsense over time may gradually corrupt the style and nature of our revolution, leaving to posterity an image of our nature and goals that in no way corresponds to National Socialist convictions and views. Certainly there is need for public regulation of the great moral foundations of our national life. However, some nonsense is also spreading that attempts to reach beyond that to establish a code for the purely personal conduct of individuals. That leads eventually to a moralism that is everything other than National Socialist.”

Joseph Goebbels, “More Morality, Less Moralism”, 1934

Morals are the soil in which any functioning social body is rooted. They are required at every level of organization from the individual to the broadest levels of human relations. A person without morals is a self-serving entity who would be cast aside by any healthy community and, a society without morals is like a ship without a rudder that goes wherever the winds take it. All National Socialists will agree that most people today have lost all sense of morality and as a result have become slaves to base desires and blind to the degenerate conditions which are imposed by those equally bankrupt persons above.

However, it is also possible for us to become too moralistic among ourselves to the point of self-harm. Therefore, it is best to tackle this recurring issue of moral purity spiraling within our movement before it rears its ugly head.

A term that is often tossed around in our spaces is “straight edge”. Someone who is straight edge does not – even in moderation – smoke, drink, enjoy sweets, bathe with hot water etc. etc. etc. These warriors of moralism continue to sharpen their blades until they become so sharp that they cut themselves and their communities’ and bleed both bodies dry of all joy.

They would wield National Socialism like a whip as opposed to the compass that it is supposed to be. Should this contest of morality go unchecked the afflicted group would become impotent and fragment and this fragmentation would surely spell the death for our race.

“To take joy and pleasure from a people means to make it unfit for its struggle for its daily bread.”

Joseph Goebbels

National Socialism’s prime goal is to lift our folk community to ever greater heights and to maintain the fire of our Aryan spirit for life. It is supposed to enable us to share the little everyday pleasures with our kin and to use them as fuel for our endless journey into the unknown. A joyous people is filled with the desire to take on new challenges and is equipped with the tools to stand against those who would block their path.

Of course we must be careful not to become decadent and indulge in indecent acts such as sexual perversion, hard drugs, endless revelry and the like, but we must also allow ourselves to stop and enjoy the treasures which fate has provided us. National Socialism is an all-encompassing worldview and it would be wrong to use it as a means to stop people from truly taking part in the world.

Indeed it is not the one who fills volumes with moral regulations that is the real National Socialist, but it is the one who appreciates and affirms a healthy life that is shared with their folk.

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